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Meet Our Team in Peoria, IL

It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.
Terri Hall - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Terri Hall - Co-owner/Director
Terri has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Florida, but when she discovered her passion for working with little ones she went back to school to be both a teacher and a director. She is proud to be a Polliwog!

Mo Gebhards - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Mo Gebhards - Co-owner/Director
Mo has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Illinois, in addition to many masters credits in education. She is currently working behind the scenes at Polliwogs; keeping busy with administrative activities.

Angie Yackley - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Angie Yackley - Teacher/Assistant Director
Angie has an Associate's Degree and is very close to a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education. Angie has been with us since 2012 and is very versatile, having worked with all ages during her time here. Angie has taken on the responsibilities of assistant director, chef and social director at Polliwogs. She is energetic and quick to laugh and loves singing and dancing with the kids.

Ginny Preston - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Ginny Preston - Teacher/Assistant Director
Ginny is our longest-tenured team member at Polliwogs. She has been with us literally since the beginning! She has more than three decades' experience caring for children and is our lead infant teacher. Not only has she been a constant, steady and reliable teacher; she has been a wonderful source of information as we have learned the ropes of running a center.

Theresa Jennett - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Theresa Jennett - Teacher
Theresa has been Polliwogs' lead Pre-k teacher since 2012. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from ISU and has been working with children since 1976. Many of those years she was a kindergarten teacher in District 150. She is very committed to our Pre-K program and who better to prepare the kids for kindergarten than someone who's been there!

Stacey Wheeler - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Stacey Wheeler - Teacher
Stacey has been in the Waddler room during most of her tenure at Polliwogs and is currently the lead teacher. You will not find a more organized room in the center than the one Stacey leads! She is terrific at getting the younger kids to adapt to "day care life" and loves organizing their days with lots of music, singing and learning.

Debbie Bartley - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Debbie Bartley - Teacher
Debbie has been with us since 2012 and has more than six years of experience working in a child care center. Debbie's kind and compassionate nature makes her invaluable in a sometimes chaotic environment. We are very lucky to have such a talented lead in the Toddler room! She has two daughters.

Heather Lawrence - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Heather Lawrence - Teacher
Heather brings a wealth of experience to her position at Polliwogs. She is a certified paraprofessional educator and has worked with youth and church camps for many years. While Heather predominantly works for the Dunlap school system now, she contributes to the care of all ages when she is here.

Vijaya Anjuru - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Vijaya Anjuru - Teacher
Vijaya comes to us from India, where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She moved to the U.S. (Texas) in 1998 and to Peoria in 2008. She brings warmth and compassion to our two-year-old room along with an abundance of ideas for engaging the kids in learning – both social skills and all of the other important skills that are shaping at this wonderful “post-toddler” age!

Camille Parker - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Camille Parker - Assistant Teacher
Camille currently teaches in the Toddler room, and her favorite aspect of child care is "the expressions on their faces when they learn to do something by themselves - pure excitement!" Camille has worked in child care for more than 13 years. She has three children, ages 18, 14 and 13.


Leslie Nakamura - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Leslie Nakamura - Float

Mary White - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Mary White - Center Support

Stella Yuen - Child Education in Peoria, IL
Stella Yuen - Float

Terri Nixon
Terri Nixon - Assistant Teacher