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Front Desk News

One of our dads walked in this week and said, "you know I brag about you guys at work."  I was surprised to hear this from a dad!  I asked him what he said about us and he said, "that I know my boy is loved here... not just cared for, but LOVED."  Awwwww - thanks Ed.

What I Always Wanted in Daycare

As one of our mothers was leaving with her child the other day, she stopped at the front desk to chat.  She has a 10 month old that she transferred here from another center about a month ago.  She said, "We are so happy here.  Polliwogs has the kind of services and features that I always wanted in a daycare, but didn't think I could afford.  You guys are great!"
People often ask us why we don't charge more, and my reply is simple... because we don't have to.

You Care

I was recently talking to a mom who had transferred her son from a big-name
north Peoria center to Polliwogs.  As she looked at her son on the monitor in the lobby she said, "I would recommend you guys to anyone.  It is obvious you care."
That just made my day.  We DO care, A!!

One Nice Testimonial!

Due to a change in location of his mother's job, a child's family had to pull him from our center.  After spending one month at another center, we received this e-mail from his mother.  It was entitled, "What makes Polliwogs best."
1.  Personalization
2.  Home cooked healthy meals that challenge a child's taste and makes children open for healthier foods at home
3.  No television or movies
4.  Focus on non-technical toys
5.  Large worksheets where parents and teachers communicate about child's sleeping, eating in the morning and disposition.
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