Polliwogs - You've Never Seen Child Care (or Pre-K!) Done Like This

"Polliwogs is a nice place for babies." 

Recently a friend was walking through our center.  Her job takes her into many centers, and has for many years.  As she looked around she said, "This is a nice place for babies.  I generally don't think centers are nice places for babies, but this one is."

Who We Are
Polliwogs began as an expansion of the already successful Terri Hall's Home Daycare. Together we have been caring for Peoria's kids for more than a dozen years.
We have many unique qualities and are a DCFS licensed facility.  In our most recent inspection, by the way, we earned another 100%!

Polliwogs is based on the belief that children are to be cuddled as well as taught.  Snuggling is as important as learning.  As a small center, we have a very low turn-over and a high percentage of our client base is from referrals.
We have an ambient newborn room! 
Polliwogs might be the only center in Illinois to offer this innovative service.  We recognize that infants are very different from older babies.  They still don't know day from night, and they are the most vulnerable that they will ever be.  With these factors in mind we built them a room where they can grow properly, and get away from the perils of the rollers, crawlers, and walkers. 
We accept children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. 
While playing is essential for learning, little minds need to be challenged in order to thrive. 
Here at Polliwogs we are very proud of our ability to stimulate children of EVERY age.  
We start with our infants.  They get lots  of love with only four per room.  We try to see  that each child is getting what they need physically and emotionally each and every day.  When age appropriate, usually around one, we bridge to some traditional learning through fun, changing themes on a two week rotation.  We expand on that through full-blown preK. 

 Our facility is top of the line, but cozy.  Compared to the bigger centers we save on taxes, we save on utilities and we choose to pass this savings  along  to you.  Make no mistake, we spend money where it serves you and your child best, like on our state of the art sprinkler and our top notch security system, but we also know what it's like for you, and want to give you the best value we can!

Polliwogs is licensed for only 46 children.  This means more face time, more lap time, more smiles for your child.
Don't delay or you could miss out on the best care around!
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best child care the north Peoria/Dunlap area has to offer.
Pricing Made Simple
  • Infants, $234/Week, $77/Day 
  • Toddlers, $211/Week, $69/Day
  • 2 years old, $187/Week, $61/Day
  • 3 and up, $162/Week, $53/Day


We provide home-cooked meals and snacks that use very few refined ingredients!  We believe that the better the quality of food your little ones eat, the better health they will enjoy as they grow.  We call this the, "more carrots, fewer nuggets" philosophy.

For more information, please stop by or call us - there's just so much to share!

For the week beginning 4/24
MONDAY'S LUNCH: Egg Salad Sandwiches, Carrots, Celery, Milk
TUESDAY'S LUNCH: Butterfly Pasta Salad, Milk
WEDNESDAY'S LUNCH: Tortilla, Refried Beans, Avocado, Salsa, Milk
THURSDAY'S LUNCH: Creamy Chicken and Rice, Milk
FRIDAY'S LUNCH:  Tortilla Pizza, Pineapple, Milk

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